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One year on….

I have had to really think long and hard about posting these next two episodes in this story of mine. 98% of me says I shouldn’t. That teeny 2% of me says that perhaps it will be useful to someone, … Continue reading

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The strangest day… (II)

The emotional bit…………… So results day yesterday, good news….much better than I could have hoped for and so we returned home. Now if I thought any of my previous posts were difficult to write, really they don’t even begin to … Continue reading

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The strangest day…..(I)

Ok, since I have left it so late in the day to write this blog post I am going to have to write it in two parts! Today the good news and the medical bit……… ¬†Tomorrow my reaction and the … Continue reading

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The C-word

With just over one week to go to the wedding (remember to breathe Gillian) as well as being so excited I could squeal I am also becoming increasingly nervous and jittery – and perhaps not about the most obvious of … Continue reading

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(Part 1 of 2) Pride comes before………

…….. that horrible moment when you realise that perhaps you had not been dealing with things as well as you had previously thought… I think I may tell this tale in 2 or perhaps even 3 parts. Yes, I think … Continue reading

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This and the next post were written during a sleepless post-surgery night whilst heavily dosed on morphine. They are unedited apart from correcting the horrendous spelling mistakes caused by tiredness combined with a tiny qwerty keyboard…. Beware…..holy melancholy batman! From … Continue reading

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Oh gosh, the most difficult thing about this whole process is the gaps inbetween ‘things happening’. Last Friday I had my ‘pre-surgery’ appointments at the hospital. Tis now¬†Monday and on Wednesday I go for surgery – a ‘Wilhamina-ectomy’ and also … Continue reading

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