The strangest day…..(I)

Ok, since I have left it so late in the day to write this blog post I am going to have to write it in two parts! Today the good news and the medical bit………  Tomorrow my reaction and the emotional bit……………

So here we go with the …’seeking to be honest’ mantra that I have been promising in everything I write on this blog. Today of course was results day. For the last three weeks I have been desperate for this day to come. Heading into the latter stages of yesterday, I could have seen it far enough. A sleepless night last night and an inability to eat my breakfast this morning revealing my true fears of what might come and the changes that I am about to encounter.

The medical bit…………..

And so we made our way to the hospital, arriving super early and itching to receive the news whatever it was to be. We sat, we waited and I shall not waste any more time before revealing that it was the… best… news… possible. Better than we could have imagined or even hoped for. I have resisted getting too bogged down in medical ‘stuff’ here on this blog, choosing I guess to write more about the emotional side of this experience and explain things in my own naive way. But for those who may have some knowledge or experience, Wilhamina was removed with completely clear margins, no lymph node involvement and is a grade 2 cancer (we were dreading a grade 3 possibility) – so to put all of this  simply –  ‘low risk’!! The best we could have hoped for!

So what happens next? Well I don’t need chemotherapy (!) and will commence Zoladex injections next week to stop oestregen production as my paricular cancer is oestregen receptor positive (you can read more here) before beginning a long 5 year period on Tamoxifen. So good-bye monthly period, hello early menopause. I will also be starting radiotherapy in around 3-4 weeks time. All of this treatment works together in order to hopefully prevent any signs of cancer returning.

So hopefully I have not bored you with all the medical jargon.

But now I have to go to bed! It has been an exhausting day and I am done………but tomorrow the story continues………..


About gillianleesmith

A lifetime fascination with storytelling, history, fairytales and folklore, has led me to create imagery based on the everyday whirling mind of a person who does not always wish to be rooted in the realistic present. Themes of times gone by and reminiscence are especially evident in my designs and my work often delves into the expression and characterisation of our human nature, which we may hide away and only ever glimpse at when prompted by a reflection of our inner selves. My character sculptures in particular are a nod towards my own imaginations, avid reading and childhood dreams. They are a way of seeking the perfect representation of our character. Each tells an original tale, with a single image that endeavors to embody a whole life story in an uncomplicated way. My most recent work begins to explore ‘dwelling places’, a place where we can truly be content and again the setting that truly represents our character and history. Each material used is carefully chosen to create layers of texture incorporating textiles, paper, paint, hand painted imagery and meticulously detailed hand embroidery. The combinations of varying media help me to create many layers and textures, which are evocative of the memories and history that is integral to my work. Graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in Performance Costume in 2005, I have since been working on my own creations as well as teaching workshops with community groups. More recently, I have been coordinating a project involving reminiscence work with older people. This has been a huge source of inspiration to my latest artwork and themes of memories, dreams and childhood.
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4 Responses to The strangest day…..(I)

  1. manda says:

    I am so, so pleased for you!! There are tears of happiness in my eyes. So, so pleased!! xxx

  2. Charlotte says:

    wonderful news! Now onwards and upwards to the wedding 🙂


  3. Really happy for you!!

  4. Helen says:

    Thats fantastic news, have a great wedding day.

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