Just a normal day…


Today was, I think, almost the first day that I did not tell someone new – that has amost been the most exhausting thing about the process so far. It is also the first day that I did not have to succumb to a wee nap mid-afternoon – progress indeed! Along with the worries about the illness, the potential fertility debate, has been the nagging worries about finances and work. I work part-time as a Reminiscence project co-ordinator, a job I dearly love and of course for the rest of my working week I am self employed. This puts me in a somewhat precarious position I feel! My manager came to see me this afternoon and if I have not said it before I will say it now – I have the best boss in the world! Although it is not possible to predict how things are going to pan out, I feel reassured that I will be able to work things around my treatment and recovery.  

I have also decided to make an ongoing project of our wee garden. It is my current favourite place to be but having only moved into this new build home last year, it is a bit of a blank canvas. I have planted wee bits and pieces but am hatching plans to develop this further and shape it into even more of a sanctuary. I am excited! I just need to find plants that our pet rabbits, Jeeves and Wooster will not destroy as they have made a pretty good job of eating everything so far….

Today has been a good day – it has felt more ‘normal’ than any other day from the past week-and-a-half and at times I could almost forget the huge changes that are happening in my life. Even when, aware of the persistant pain or being stopped in my tracks at a worrying thought, I was able to think of this as only being a temporary situation. I have been overwhelmed at the support from friends, family and on-line friends. Your thoughts and comments and well wishes mean an incredible amount to me. I just need to find a better way of responding to comments – sorry this is a usual blogging dilemma with me.


About gillianleesmith

A lifetime fascination with storytelling, history, fairytales and folklore, has led me to create imagery based on the everyday whirling mind of a person who does not always wish to be rooted in the realistic present. Themes of times gone by and reminiscence are especially evident in my designs and my work often delves into the expression and characterisation of our human nature, which we may hide away and only ever glimpse at when prompted by a reflection of our inner selves. My character sculptures in particular are a nod towards my own imaginations, avid reading and childhood dreams. They are a way of seeking the perfect representation of our character. Each tells an original tale, with a single image that endeavors to embody a whole life story in an uncomplicated way. My most recent work begins to explore ‘dwelling places’, a place where we can truly be content and again the setting that truly represents our character and history. Each material used is carefully chosen to create layers of texture incorporating textiles, paper, paint, hand painted imagery and meticulously detailed hand embroidery. The combinations of varying media help me to create many layers and textures, which are evocative of the memories and history that is integral to my work. Graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in Performance Costume in 2005, I have since been working on my own creations as well as teaching workshops with community groups. More recently, I have been coordinating a project involving reminiscence work with older people. This has been a huge source of inspiration to my latest artwork and themes of memories, dreams and childhood.
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One Response to Just a normal day…

  1. SallyF says:

    I’d say either – you don’t need to respond to comments, or only if / when / however you want to.
    But if you do want to respond to them all – just do like you did up there, a quick ‘thanks for all your comments’ in your main post should do it – everyone will see that anyway.
    Hooray for *normal* days. x

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